Kara Masters, Of Counsel

For over 25 years, Kara Masters (Of Counsel) has been practicing in the state and federal courts – trial, appellate and administrative – in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. She also served as a judicial clerk on the Washington State Court of Appeals for the Honorable Elaine M. Houghton, ret. (Division II), for the Honorable William W. Baker, ret. (Division I) and the Honorable Anne L. Ellington, ret. (Division I). Ms. Masters is an experienced litigator in a wide array of civil practice areas. She has handled every aspect of litigation, from pre-litigation advice, evaluation and negotiations, through filing the complaint or answer, conducting discovery, handling summary judgment motions, trying the case to a judge or jury, and handling post-verdict procedures; she has also handled appeals, from filing the notice of appeal, to perfecting the record, briefing the appeal, arguing the appeal, and post-mandate procedures.


Ms. Masters is currently “Of Counsel” to two firms, working out of our Bainbridge Island office.  Through her association with the full-service, general litigation firm of Moberg Rathbone Kearns (formerly Jerry Moberg and Associates (www.mrklawgroup.com)), Ms. Masters currently focuses her trial practice in the areas of insurance coverage and defense, commercial, construction and contract disputes, and employment matters.  As “Of Counsel” to MLG, Ms. Masters continues her non-litigation practice in the areas of complex insurance coverage evaluation and negotiations, employment consultation, commercial and non-profit risk management, and general contract matters.  She assists MLG with civil appellate matters as time permits and is responsible for MLG’s overall practice management. She is a crucial and much valued member of our team.


Ms. Masters devotes a substantial part of her time to non-profit and pro bono public service.  She is in her sixth year on the Board of Trustees for the Legal Foundation of Washington (www.legalfoundation.org), a non-profit created by the Washington Supreme Court to fund civil legal aid across the state.  Having completed six years of board service, she is now a community volunteer for the Coalition Ending Gender Based Violence (www.EndGV.org), a non-profit working for gender equity and social justice in King County.  She has also served on the board and as a volunteer for New Beginnings, one of the first domestic violence advocacy organizations in Washington.  In addition, Ms. Masters has provided pro bono legal services in the immigration arena for nonprofit organizations in Washington and Texas.


Ms. Masters was born in Austin, Texas, gradually migrating north and west to Colorado, and then to Washington.  She is quite pleased that her immediate family followed her to Washington – which makes visits much more frequent.  Ms. Masters met her husband Ken Masters (founding partner of MLG) when she moved to Washington for law school.  For years, they talked about working together.  And that reality is even better than they ever expected!