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  • Lyft, Inc. v. Wright, Washington State Supreme Court No. 94162-9 (Dec. 14, 2017): successfully obtained unanimous Supreme Court decision that all elements of a CPA claim are met when one receives an unsolicited commercial electronic text. https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/941629.pdf
  • Taylor v. Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Washington State Supreme Court No. 92210-1 (Feb. 9, 2017): successfully reversed defense verdict and established new law under Washington State Product Liability Act, and concerning strict liability in failure to warn cases. http://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/922101.pdf
  • Shoval v. Valet Parking Systems, Inc., Washington State Court of Appeals No. 73757-1-I (Nov. 21, 2016): successfully reversed defense verdict, where trial judge improperly rejected an affidavit of prejudice.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/737571.pdf
  • Schulte v. City of Seattle, Washington State Court of Appeals No. 72821-1-I (July 18, 2016): successfully defended denial of summary judgment in negligent parole supervision case; rev. deniedhttps://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/728211.pdf
  • In re Custody of S.F.-T.C., Washington State Court of Appeals No. 32367-6-III (Feb. 9, 2016): successfully won reversal of order granting third-party custody, vindicating a mother’s constitutional right to custody and care of her child; rev. denied (June 28, 2016).  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/323676.amd.pdf
  • Jaimes v. NDTS Const., Inc., Washington State Court of Appeals No. 73148-3-I (June 6, 2016): successfully obtained reversal of summary judgment dismissing injured worker’s suit against third party).  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/731483.pdf
  • Arp v. Riley, Washington State Court of Appeals No. 72613-7-I (Dec. 28, 2015): successfully reversed summary judgment dismissing plaintiff’s personal injury claim based on judicial estoppel; rev. denied (June 1, 2016).  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/726137.pdf
  • Crews v. AVCO Corp., Washington State Court of Appeals No. 70756-6-I (January 12, 2015): successfully defended default judgment (due to discovery violations) and roughly $10 million in compensatory damages and $6 million in punitive damages verdicts in favor of the family of deceased pilot and her daughter, and against manufacturer of an allegedly defective aircraft engine.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/707566.pdf
  • Lightner v. Shoemaker, Washington State Court of Appeals No. 70746-9-I (Dec. 2014), rev. denied, 183 Wn.2d 1008 (July 8, 2015): successfully reversed judgment and obtained new trial regarding interpretation of restrictive covenants protecting views.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/707469.pdf
  • ADA Motors, Inc. v. Butler,, Washington State Court of Appeals 70047-2-I (July 22, 2014), rev. denied, 182 Wn.2d 1012 (March 4, 2015): successfully obtained reversal of jury verdict and remand for new trial due to a jury instruction error on behalf of the plaintiff in a Uniform Trade Secrets Act case.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/700472.pdf
  • In re Guardianship of Erlwein, Washington State Court of Appeals No. 44849-1-II (July 10, 2014): successfully obtained dismissal of appeal on motion (and without filing a brief) due to appellant’s lack of standing.
  • Scott Anderson Trucking, Inc. v. PACCAR Fin. Corp., Washington State Court of Appeals No. 70019-7-I (May 19, 2014): successfully defended summary judgment dismissing various tort and contract claims for lack of a duty.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/700197.pdf
  • In re Marriage of Wright, 179 Wn. App. 257, 319 P.3d 45 (Dec. 16, 2013), rev. denied, 180 Wn.2d 1016 (June 4, 2014): successfully defended property division and maintenance order after 30 year marriage and resisted review.  https://www.courts.wa.gov/opinions/pdf/691333.pdf
  • Tan v. Le, 177 Wn.2d 356 (2013), cert. denied (Jan. 13, 2014): successfully obtained reversal of appellate court decision based on the First Amendment (6-1), reinstatement of a substantial jury verdict for defamation, and denial of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court.